Dispute resolution

Representation in civil litigation, representation in commercial disputes and commercial arbitrations, representation in labor disputes, representation in probate proceedings, representation in non-litigation proceedings, collection of claims through civil and enforcement proceedings, representation in misdemeanor proceedings, representation in criminal proceedings, representation in disputes for the protection of intellectual property rights, representation in administrative proceedings and administrative disputes, out-of-court settlement of disputes through negotiations and / or conciliation.

Real estate and construction

Real estate purchase or sale agreements, registrations, commercial leases, construction contracts, legal due diligence, expropriation proceedings and proper conduct procedures, real estate investment and development consulting, real estate management and joint reserves.

Commercial law and company law

Legal advice in the field of company law and commercial law, establishment of companies, drafting of statutes, company agreements and other acts of the company, trade agreements, conducting negotiations when concluding contracts and supervising the fulfillment of obligations under concluded contracts, advising on contractual responsibilities and liability in case termination of contracts, regulation of relations between members of the company (relations with minority shareholders), implementation of restructuring and division of companies, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Takeovers and mergers

Legal advice related to mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, preparation of transaction documents, contracts for the purchase of shares or stakes, agreements of shareholders or members of the company, ousting of minority shareholders.

Insolvency law

Advising in cases of insolvency, inability to pay and over-indebtedness, drafting proposals for opening bankruptcy proceedings, exercising creditors' rights and collection of claims in bankruptcy proceedings, advising and representing creditors at assemblies and creditors' boards, advising and representing in proceedings to challenge legal actions of bankruptcy debtors.

Banking and finance

Advising on general lending, financing and refinancing operations, drafting contracts and documents for financial operations, legal due diligence of debtors, drafting and implementing contracts for securing monetary claims, issuing legal opinions for lenders regarding the assessment of unsecured and secured claims, advising and representation creditors in debt restructuring and debt collection procedures.

Protection of competition

Legal issues related to abuse of market positions, issues related to prohibited agreements (vertical and horizontal contracts).

Insurance law

Insurance contracts, claims, insurance disputes.

Labor law

Legal advice in the field of labor law, drafting employment contracts, drafting contracts on the rights and obligations of board members, termination of employment and termination procedures, general issues related to labor law and labor relations, drafting regulations, rules of procedure and other general acts, labor disputes.